How To Use CBD Hemp Oil

CBD hemp oil is rapidly gaining popularity as a health supplement. There are several CBD hemp products available in the market and they come in many different forms and packaging. If you have never used hemp oil before, deciding what to buy can be difficult. Hemp oil products differ in palatability and ease of use. Some are meant to be taken orally, some inhaled and others are for topical applications.

How To Use Oral CBD Hemp Oil Products

The best way to take CBD orally is to put or apply the supplement under the tongue as it maximises absorption. The base of the tongue has numerous capillaries, which absorb CBD rapidly into the bloodstream. It is necessary to keep the product under the tongue for two to three minutes. Once most of the product is absorbed, you can swallow the rest.

There are other advantages of taking hemp oil sublingually. Hemp oil does not taste good and can sometimes be quite strong. The flavour comes from compounds called terpenes present in the oil and their levels can vary from batch to batch. Placing the product under the tongue ensures that you don’t have to taste the oil until it’s time to swallow it. This allows you to keep the oil in your mouth for a longer period to allow maximum absorption. After you swallow the product, follow up with a little fruit juice if needed to get rid of the taste.

Commonly Available CBD hemp oil products

1. Pure extract packaged as oral syringe

CBD hemp oil is available as a pure hemp extract packed in a syringe. The product can differ in viscosity depending on the harvest. You can dispense a drop directly under the tongue or on to your finger or the back of a spoon. Place the oil under your tongue and wait for a minute or two. Once most of the oil is absorbed, swallow the remaining oil and follow it up with a glass of water. You can drink some fruit juice to get rid of the taste faster. Be careful not to spill the oil on clothes or upholstery to prevent stains.

2. Tinctures

CBD hemp oil tinctures are liquid supplements and come in bottles with a dropper for dispensation. Tinctures contain hemp oil mixed with other beneficial additives that improve taste and enhance nutrient value. The flavour makes it easier to take than pure CBD hemp oil. The good thing about tinctures is that if you don’t like one flavour you can try another. The method of administration is the same. Use the dropper to place a drop under your tongue. Wait for a minute or two and then swallow it. Follow up with water or juice as needed.

3. Gel tabs

CBD hemp oil comes as gel capsules for oral administration. Like pure oils, you have to place the gel tab under your tongue. Wait until most of it is absorbed and then swallow. Follow up with water or juice.

4. Sprays

Sprays are a mixture of CBD oil and food oil. Usually, olive oil is used. They come in bottles with sprayers. You have to spray the product under the tongue and as usual, give it time to absorb before swallowing it.

5. CBD drinks

CBD drinks come as a fruit concentrate containing CBD hemp oil. You can mix it with warm water to make a health drink. They taste better and are easier to take than other oral forms of the product.

6. E-liquid or vape oil

Vape oil is a form of CBD hemp oil that is meant for inhalation using a vaporiser or a vaporizer pen. Vape kits with disposable oil cartridges can also be used. When inhaled, the oil is absorbed by the lung tissues. This method gives maximum absorption of oil and quick availability in the blood.

7. Topical creams

Topical creams are for skin applications. Use it just like any other cosmetic cream.

If you haven’t bought CBD hemp oil before, see what choices are available and buy the right product. There is no hard and fast rule or method for taking CBD hemp oil. People follow what is convenient for them, but the standard ways of taking it work well and give you the maximum benefit.

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