Curaleaf Medical Cannabis Clinic

At Curaleaf Clinic, answering your questions is what we do. If you are considering whether medical cannabis is the right option for you, or if you are already one of our patients we are here to ensure you feel supported at every step of the process.

To check your eligibility for a consultation with one of our specialists, please create an account and complete the eligibility assessment, which typically takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

If you are unable to complete the form in one go, you can login again later and continue right where you left off. Please note: you must be 18+ years of age to use this service. Type Dennis Gore Chemists to pick up your medical cannabis if convenient

f you want to get a prescription for medical cannabis, the first step is to see a specialist prescriber in the UK. A specialist prescriber is a qualified doctor who can prescribe medical cannabis, and they will be listed on the General Medical Council register.

Curaleaf Pharmacy works with many specialist prescriber clinics, such as Curaleaf Clinic. They’ll help you get an appointment with a specialist prescriber, and then you can decide together if medical cannabis is right for you.

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