Satipharm CBD 10mg Gelpell 30 Microgel Capsules


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Satipharm CBD 10mg Gelpell® 30 Microgel Capsules

Satipharm CBD Gelpell® Capsules is a unique and new dosage form of cannabidiol (CBD) as a dietary supplement

Enhanced oral bioavailability enabling the body to absorb the ingredient basically without losses
Easy dosage through proprietary Microgel Capsules
100% natural cannabidiol
Free of any additives or preservative

stomach-friendly: Water-soluble gelatin Gelpell Capsules; small particle size of the ingredients (> 2 mm) – in comparison to single-unit dosage forms such as pills they are easier to dispense in the stomach to avoid irritations of the stomach lining
strict standards of quality assurance and quality control
the production process is Swiss GMP certified (Good Manufacturing Practice)

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