CannabiGold Terpenes+ CBD 500mg 12ml


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CannabiGold Terpenes+ CBD 500mg 12ml

All of CannabiGold oils are made exclusively by supercritical CO2 extraction, with no other additives.
CannabiGold dietary supplements are 100% made by solvent-free extraction of the whole cannabis sativa plants, i.e. completely safe and legal industrial hemp.

All of CannabiGold ingredients are obtained using innovative equipment designed specifically for supercritical CO2 extraction process of hemp plants.
CannabiGold – CBD oils

CannabiGold products are a range of the highest quality CBD golden oils, CO2-extracted from hemp plants (cannabis sativa L), naturally rich in cannabinoids.

CannabiGold, controls the whole production process, from hemp cultivation to sealing the bottle.
“From Seed to Shelve”.
We seed
We Grow
We Produce
We Deliver Premium Quality CO2 Extracts

Each of the products contains a guaranteed minimal concentration of CBD and other naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids (such as CBC – cannabichromene, CBG – cannabigerol, CBDV – cannabidivarin, β-caryophyllene, as well as valuable omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids).

CannabiGold Classic 5%

Product specific contents list:
CBD (cannabidiol): 5.3%
CBDA (cannabidiolic acid): 0.61%
CBDV (cannabidivarin): 0.11%
CBG (kannabigerol): 0.06%
CBC (cannabichromen): 0.24%
β-caryophyllene: 0.08%

CannabiGold contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and a full range of naturally occurring cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes (such as CBDV, CBDA, CBC, CBG, BCP), including the guaranteed minimum of 500 mg of natural CBD.

Each 10 g bottle contains approximately 400 drops
1 drop contains approximately 1.25 mg of phytocannabinoids

Ingredients: CO2 hempseed extract, CO2 extract from hemp plant

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