Cibdol CBD 4% softgel 60 caps


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Cibdol CBD 4% softgel 60 caps

Cibdol offers the highest quality of 100% CBD oils, produced from exclusively European seeds. CBD oil is known for its therapeutic and medicinal properties. As part of its customer care, Cibdol strives to guarantee the best quality of the product available on the market whilst maintaining the highest transparency about its production process.

All Products are manufactured to high Swiss standards, which combine innovative scientific methods with results of the highest quality of product, whilst observing all the relevant regulations.

Cibdol CBD soft gel capsules will change your daily CBD intake.
Soft gelatine capsules, all packed with the same pure CBD content that Cibdol is known for. Golden 4% or 10% CBD oil, simply powerful cannabinoids. Perfect for those who don’t like putting oil drops in the mouth. Tasteless and easier to swallow. A great option for people on the go!

4% soft gels: Each box consists of 60 capsules with 6,4mg of CBD per capsule, containing our 4% unadulterated CBD.
This results in a total of 384mg of CBD per jar! The prescribed dose is 1 softgel / 3 times a day.

olive oil, CBD, terpenes.
soft gel (capsule): gelatine (bovine), glycerine, water.
Allergen information: non

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